An impeccable online food ordering App build specifically for Cafe, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and more.

Innovative online food ordering system, TabInsta is all about leaving the old trodden ways and embracing the power of online food ordering Apps to enrich restaurant business and enhance revenue. No need to take orders over the phone, your customers can now place orders through your restaurant website or your mobile app.

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Little about TabInsta

Ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, fast food joints and more, TabInsta is an intuitive online food ordering system that allows your customers to place orders via your restaurant website as well as the mobile application.

Encompassing all other restaurant operations, TabInsta seamlessly integrates with your restaurant's point of sale system, kitchen management system and your hotel management system as well. Automating every restaurant operation to leave you and your staff free to enrich guest experience.

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Why Choose Us?
Digital Restaurant Menu

Bid adieu to the mundane paper menu and make your restaurant a tech-savvy joint with our mesmerizing digital tablet menu.

Restaurant Management System

An exemplary tool to streamline all restaurant activities, our exceptional POS solution is ideal for all types of F&B businesses from fine dining restaurants and bars to fast food joints and more.

Integrated Kitchen management system

Streamlining your kitchen and restaurant services, our cloud-based kitchen management system is an effective alternative to the chaotic paper-based kitchen printer.

Smart Online Food Ordering App

Easy to use for both you and your customers, TabInsta is a modernized online food ordering App that enables you to take your business to the next level by connecting your restaurant with the technology now customers.

Order online from the restaurant website

Not just a mobile application, the online food ordering system of TabInsta can even be accessed from your restaurant website and comes fully integrated with multiple secured payment gateways.

Everything is one compact solution

Encompassing all features of restaurant management, TabInsta seamlessly integrates with our restaurant management solution, hotel management system and more.

The Core Features

All the right tools to give your restaurant a competitive edge.

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